timesince Filter

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Argument: to_date (Optional) – The date to compare to.


Outputs the amount of time between the value and the to_date argument, which defaults to the current time.


launch_date = datetime.datetime(year=1969, month=7, day=16,
        hour=13, minute=32, second=0,

moon_landing = datetime.datetime(year=1969, month=7, day=21,
        hour=2, minute=56, second=15,


{{ moon_landing|timesince }}<br>
{{ launch_date|timesince:moon_landing }}


50 years, 8 months<br>
4 days, 13 hours

The output in the browser will look like this:

50 years, 8 months
4 days, 13 hours

  • The first time period is the amount of time that has passed since the moon landing (based on the time this documentation is being written).
  • The second time period is the time between the rocket launch and the moment Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon.


This is commonly used to output how much time has passed since an article was written (e.g., Posted 1 year, 2 months ago).

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